USSC Animal Rescue Services 

An Operational Division of the United States Service Command of America

Count On Us With Our Missing Pet Investigations in San Diego, CA

We're associated with local Animal Service Organizations. They'll refer callers to our organization to help reunite you with your lost dog or cat with our missing pet investigations in San Diego, CA. If we find your pet for you, we ask for a donation to help our organization continue to serve the community and help protect the animal welfare in the area, but there is no charge for the services we provide. Contact us today to learn more about our cause.

Search for Your Missing Dog with Our Missing Pet Investigations in San Diego, CA
If you have a lost pet in the San Diego area, call us immediately and we'll send out our investigators to that area. Our animal rescue team will also check with local shelters to find matches for the description you give us. We're well-trained and here to serve our local community.

Search for Your Lost Cat with Our Missing Pet Investigations in San Diego, CA
We rely on the support and donations we obtain from animal lovers in the region. Our team is devoted to reuniting missing pets with their owners through our partnerships with many other local organizations. Contact us to learn about our many volunteer opportunities.

OUR INVESTIGATORS Strive to Find Your Lost Pet

If you contact us right away once you notice that your pet is missing, we'll make every attempt to get your pet back to you through our investigative department. Our investigators use good, old fashioned search procedures and our contacts with each of the San Diego County animal rescue shelters to locate your pet as quickly as possible. We will also report any violation of animal cruelty to the SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Department.

 Well-Trained Investigators You Need

After you call us, we take your initial report over the phone with a description of your lost pet. After that, we will send out our investigative team to the area where you last saw your pet and knock on doors to inquire about them within a five-block radius. We will find out if there are any animals matching your pet's description at any of the local shelters. All of our investigators complete FEMA course IS-00010A, "Animals in Disaster" Awareness and Preparedness. Continued training in Missing Pets Investigations, Animal Rescue Team and K-9 Search & Rescue occurs once a month at different training sites.