USSC Animal Rescue Services 

An Operational Division of the United States Service Command of America

K-9 Search and Rescue in San Diego, CA

USSC's Unit for K-9 Search and Rescue throughout San Diego, CA

K-9 Search and Rescue in San Diego, CA

USSC’s K-9 search and rescue in San Diego, CA, is a non-profit 501(C)(3) volunteer organization. We deploy Search and Rescue (SAR) canines who are nationally certified to find lost or deceased pets or individuals at the request of local law enforcement agencies having jurisdiction. Each team member conducts annual background checks and deploys K9 teams and ground support resources who are trained and certified. We can assist public safety agencies responding to:

  • Missing/lost children or pets/animals
  • Missing despondent persons
  • Walk-away elderlies
  • Evidence searches
  • Human remains (cadaver) detection
  • Incidents where a coordinated search using air scent, tracking/trailing, or cadaver dogs are needed.

The Highly-Trained Team for K-9 Search and Rescue in San Diego, CA

USSC’s dogs are certified by international standards, which allows our dogs and handlers to be considered experts in locating lost, missing or deceased people or pets for rescue or recovery operations. K-9 Search Teams respond to local emergencies such as Ground Fires, Forest Fires, Earthquakes, Building Collapses, and Cadaver Recovery when authorizes by the State of California Office of Emergency Management Administration, Federal Office of Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), or Local Law Enforcement Agencies. We never charge for our services; however, we are ready to respond 24/7.